Welcome back for some more health and fitness tips this Friday. Here at AMG we’ll be promoting “Health & Fitness Fridays” where we will provide nutrition and fitness tips for healthy living to our patients and community members. We hope you enjoyed our advice on “Eating your Greens” last Friday, you can review that post below if you missed it! Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page for any updates happening within Advanced Medical Group and the Manor Village Life Centres.

Today’s tip has come from our Executive Chef, Paul Krohn, who operates the Apple-A-Day Bistro here at AMG. At the Bistro, Chef Paul creates healthy meals daily. Chef Paul boasts a variety of selection each day in the Bistro and many salads that include beets are offered on his menu. The Bistro prepares numerous salads, soups, sandwiches, and wraps that are a great healthy choice for lunch! Chef Paul has listed the value of “Eating Beets!” below:

Eating Beets


Come by and pick up a jar of our pickled beets prepared by Chef Paul himself! Or you can try one of our delicious salads that feature beets!

Be sure to stop by our Blog and Facebook Page next Friday for another Health & Fitness Friday!

Stop in today for lunch & try one of our healthy options – the attached pictures are directly from the selection offered at the Apple-A-Day Bistro!

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