Happy Health and Fitness Friday everyone!

Have you HEARD, the great news?! Elgin Audiology is part of the team here at Advanced Medical Group, right on the main floor of our building! Who are Elgin Audiology you ask? They’re a group of established audiologists who provide hearing and balance clinics including “state-of-the-art” hearing testing procedures for all ages in a friendly professional neighbourhood clinic.


Hearing loss is generally gradual and can develop at any time for many reasons, knowing the risk factors & recognizing symptoms of hearing loss is the first step to improving your situation.

Elgin Audiology offers a variety of services which include:

All services are performed by university trained and registered Audiologists! For more information on what services are provided by Elgin Audiology, please feel free to visit their website at https://elginaudiology.com/ Or call us today at 519-873-1500 to book your assessment!

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