Welcome back for another Health & Fitness Friday post from AMG! Today’s post relates to our passion for Patient Centered Care and the collaboration of our partners to deliver the highest standard of care. As you may know, REXALL Pharmacy is located on the first floor of Advanced Medical Group. Qualified staff, including pharmacist Valerie Gordon, educate patients on medications, vaccinations, any possible complications, such as nutrient deficiencies related to certain medications, and so much more to ensure a superior level of care is provided. 

A Pharmacy is a collaborative partner in the true sense of Patient Centered Care. At AMG, our pharmacy prides itself in our professional assessment of a new patient’s medications. They note medications may be of risk to the patient and advise the doctor of those that have contradictions with other drugs, chemicals, and/or food. Our pharmacists work closely with the doctors in terms of refreshing medications, as well as advising patients of side-reactions that need to be measured as a result of certain medications. REXALL Pharmacists are experts at communication through the Patient’s Participation Portal by providing educational materials & advice directly to our patients. REXALL Pharmacy aligns itself with our Patient Centered Care approach by providing these medication reviews free of charge to all of our patients to ensure the highest standard of care. The purpose of this will be to reconcile all of your medications and identify any issues before seeing your family physician.

Did you know?! The pharmacists at REXALL will be providing flu shots starting in November. With flu season upon us, it a great idea to get the vaccination as early as possible to avoid getting sick with the flu! Stop by in November and meet Val for your flu shot & stay healthy this flu season.

REXALL Pharmacy is an important part of Advanced Medical Group as we strive to provide Patient Centered Care – come in today to meet our Pharmacist & see what REXALL has to offer!

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Feel good with REXALL!

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