We had added some very exciting additions in Tiny Treasures Play & Learn Centre last week!We have built an indoor Compact Mini-Gym for your kids to enjoy during their stay at Tiny Treasures. Our Indoor Gym is equipped with a climbing ladder, rope/climbing swing, ladder swing, gym rings and a bar for lifts and chin-ups!For your Toddlers we also have a Bouncer which is safe and enclosed with netting and a hand rail to keep your little ones steady if needed.

­Children enjoy climbing jumping and bouncing at any time of the year and on the cold winter months or rainy days, these new additions are perfect to keep your children active! Our new Indoor mini- gym provides the opportunity for children to remain active during the harsh weather while having fun and expanding their imaginations.Whether they want to climb like the monkeys, or swing from the rope like Tarzan, the new mini-gym will keep them entertained.

The new equipment is not only fun for children, but provides a lot of benefits for their development and promotes a healthy active lifestyle. Our indoor gym will keep your children active and motivated! Not only are we able to provide the benefits of physical activity, but this equipment can also enhance motor skills, analytical thinking, and social skills. This equipment can be especially beneficial for children who have difficulty being active, for instance children who do not like sports or other activities. Inactivity can make your child susceptible to obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. The indoor gym can refocus their mind and energy on an activity that they see as fun, and you can have the peace of mind knowing that you’re helping them stay active.

Our indoor gym can hold up to 200 pounds making it interesting for a wide age range, including from two years old up to preteens and teenagers.This way, while you enjoy the benefits of healthy living throughout Advanced Medical Group, your children can enjoy the same benefits at Tiny Treasures and our indoor playground!

To learn more contact our wonderful early childhood educator Stephanie by calling 519-873-1602 or by email at

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