What would you like to change in your life? 

At AMG London, we’d like to help you change your health for the better, and give you more time for yourself and for your family. We’ll help you access the information, expertise and resources to take control of your healthcare, and achieve a better lifestyle balance.

Our lifestyle medicine ethos

At the heart of our movement for change is our lifestyle medicine ethos. At AMG London, we bring together a range of medical professionals together under one roof – physicians, dieticians, healthcare experts, therapists – who all work together to provide cohesive and coordinated care.

How would this work in practice? 

Imagine you suffer from persistent back ache. Your AMG-based GP or physician may assess that your lower back pain may be due in part to the way you walk. So, he/she may refer you to a physiotherapist for relief treatment, and to our foot clinic to assess your gait (walking style).

Or, your physician might suggest that losing weight would be beneficial to your health, and refer you to our in-house dietician for practical help and support. Equally, they may refer you to our in-house pharmacists for advice and products to help you quit smoking.

Less time travelling, more time with the experts
All these healthcare services and clinics are housed in AMG’s purpose-built building, so all you have to do is walk down the corridor to access some of the finest health professionals in Ontario.

When you register as a patient as AMG London, all you medical notes will be transferred via our electronic system direct to the professional you’ve been referred to, so they are fully briefed when you arrive.

Pharmacies and portals
You can collect any prescriptions from the onsite pharmacy after your appointments, so there’s no queuing or parking issues. So, you save time, gas, and frustration, giving you back precious time to spend with the family.

You can even access your health notes online at home via our unique Mi-VitalsTM portal. Receive test results, prescription updates, health information, and appointment reminders direct from your medical and healthcare providers.

Reclaim some ‘me’ time
Go on, be bold, and claim some of that time saved by not driving all over London for appointments back for yourself!

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