• Do you have aches and pains in your knees, feet or hips?

• Do you get tired feet after exercise or sport?

• Do you suffer from lower back pain?

The problem might be the way you walk! Many of us assume our feet just ‘work’ to our best advantage, and never give a thought to actually how we move, or stand. If we do have issues, we often blame our footwear, but are disappointed when new shoes don’t solve the issues.  

So, if you struggle to find comfortable shoes for walking, sports or everyday, treat your feet to a proper examination by Foot Dynamics at AMG London. Foot Dynamics specialise in the creation of custom orthotics (orthoses) that can correct your gait (walking posture) and reduce the stress and strain on your feet, joints and back.

Custom-made orthotics (orthoses)

Orthoses look remarkably simple; a lightweight foam-type insole that just slips inside your normal shoes and gently supports your foot in all the right places. Every person’s foot is unique, and so each orthotic insole is custom-made to fit your feet. When you change shoes simply take out these corrective insoles and pop them into the other pair; it’s that simple.  

Professional gait analysis at Foot Dynamics

The team of Canadian certified Pedorthists at Foot Dynamics will assess your gait by watching you walk, stand even just sit. If they think orthotics are right for you, they’ll take a 3D cast (impression) of your feet using either foam or plaster. They then create your one-of-a-kind custom orthotics in their lab at St Thomas, and ensure they are perfectly fitted and adjusted on your second appointment. So, within 3-5 business days, you can go from flat foot to supported spring in your step! 

Professional nursing foot care

Taking care of your feet at Foot Dynamics is a Registered Practical Nurse trained in Advanced Nursing and Diabetic Foot Care. Our nurse can treat feet conditions such as corns calluses, ingrowing toenails and other soft tissue problems. The Foot Dynamics nurse also offer specialist foot care if you have diabetes, helping address issues connected with your condition such as loss of sensation, and keeping your feet healthier for longer. 

Stockings and braces

If you’re a frequent flyer, or require compression stockings for medical reasons, don’t just buy them over the counter or collect from a pharmacist. The team at Foot Dynamics will carefully measure your stockings and ensure the best and most effective fit, as well as giving practical advice on putting on and removing your stockings. They can also supply and fit knee braces if you’ve injured your ligaments during sports, or have arthritis. 

Lifestyle medicine at AMG London: our joined-up approach

At AMG London, we have a whole clinic of healthcare professionals ready to help you – and each other. Unlike conventional medical practices that may refer you to various specialists all over town, at AMG London, the specialist you need to see may be just down the corridor. 

Here’s how it works. Imagine you go to your physician here at AMG London with pains in your feet. Your physician realizes this might be linked to the way you walk. So, he/she would refer you to Foot Dynamics, and arrange an appointment for you. As an AMG London patient, you’ll receive notification via your Mi-VitalsTM portal, our online appointment and healthcare system. 

When you attend the Foot Dynamics clinic at AMG London, the team will already have checked your medical history and will have full access to your physician’s referral. So they can spend less time asking questions and more time working with you to resolve your issues. In turn, they may suggest referrals to other AMG specialists such as a physiotherapist or chiropractor, or even suggest you join a dance or yoga class to improve your flexibility or exercise levels. 

Your wellbeing at AMG London

 It’s this coordinated approach to your overall health and wellness, and the accessibility of some many healthcare services in the same building that makes AMG London unique in London, if not Ontario.

To learn more or make an appointment,

  • call the Foot Dynamics teams
  • see more details at Foot Dynamics
  • ask your physician for a referral

We look forward to putting the spring back in your step very soon!​

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