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Rejuv Health, Healthcare and Surgical Services

it’s All About The Family

The interaction between the various floors of the AMG building is special. Intended to be a gathering place for friends, family, and seniors living in the community of London. Treat your mother and yourself to some pampering, get your hair done and after have lunch at The Bistro, stop on your way home to pick up your prescription or prioritize your health with a REJUV 90 program and see how great you can feel!





Rejuv Health

Seniors Exercise Programs

London’s premier exercise and lifestyle coaching program for those who want to lose weight, increase energy, and decrease blood pressure

Surgical Services

Advanced Surgical Operatory

Our surgical suites provide the ideal atmosphere for those who want to have more options with their health care decisions for surgical procedures, or who wish to have surgery performed out of a hospital. Our day-patients do not require the resources of a hospital facility for their procedure.

Apple A Day Bistro

Licensed Restaurant, Catering and
Event Booking Available
Ever-changing menu, great tasting food, and healthy selection. Eat-in/take home for a quick meal. There’s something different every day. Visit today, or let us cater your next event.

Patient Resources

We have gathered a collection of resources to help with the healthcare of our residents and patients.