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Spencer Raposo, R.Kin – Lead Kinesiologist at Advanced Medical Group showing a patient how to use the recumbent bike based on their assessment.

Nowadays, it has become easier to find health and fitness information on the Internet. From trainers, therapists, and instructors, we are all told to do different exercises or stretches for our mobility and health problems. However, that’s a moot point. You want the best health provider possible to give you honest and helpful advice. 

In Ontario, the highest designation for exercise professionals is R. Kin or Registered Kinesiologists. Ontario is the only place in the world where Kinesiologists are regulated as a healthcare professional and are the premier source for information on health, fitness and wellness. 

But how do I know if a Kinesiologist is right for you? 

This article will discuss what a kinesiologist is, what they do, and how our kinesiologists can help create senior fitness programs for your benefit. 

Your Guide to Registered Kinesiologists & Senior Fitness Programs 

 What is a Kinesiologist?

A Registered Kinesiologist or R. Kin is a regulated healthcare professional in Ontario specializing in human movement and using exercise as medicine. 

On April 1, 2013, Ontario was the first jurisdiction globally to recognize Kinesiologists’ as a self-governing health care profession. In the province, Registered Kinesiologists work with people of all ages and abilities to help treat and prevent injury and disease, improve movement and performance, or maintain overall health. 

What do Kinesiologists do?

Like all regulated healthcare professionals, Registered Kinesiologists will take a complete health history and find out your goals and objectives. 

Afterwards, the Kinesiologist will conduct an assessment that will be different based on your goals. Typically, they will include some form of strength, flexibility, cardiovascular, and biomechanical testing. From there, the Kinesiologist will discuss the findings and propose a personalized treatment plan to meet your objectives. 

Kinesiology sessions may include exercise instruction and stretches, manual therapy or hands-on stretching, cupping, kinesiology taping and other modalities based on your pain or dysfunction (if applicable). For some, a home exercise program is provided in addition to the treatment program. What is unique about a kinesiologist is their ability to work with individuals with chronic conditions, like hypertension, osteoporosis, diabetes and/or arthritis.

Your kinesiologist will work with you one-on-one during your session to instruct you on how to exercise safely, effectively and to the best of your abilities. You can expect a few stretches or exercises to be given for a home program. Typically, you will complete 2-3 sessions a week with the kinesiologist toward your goal of weight loss, reduce blood pressure, chronic pain reduction, or increase strength and endurance. Depending on the individual, other forms of treatment may be included (as noted above). 

How Kinesiologists can help create Senior Fitness Programs 

In Ontario, 65% of the population over 50 has one or more chronic conditions. With physical activity at an all-time low due to the pandemic, adults need to find a program or develop a program to help them age actively to increase their ability to stay independent at home or do the things they want. This is where our Kinesiologists are best suited for this role; they’re the ideal healthcare professional to help with creating wellness activities for senior citizens.  

Our kinesiologists can develop a senior fitness program that focuses on treating chronic conditions, improving endurance and strength, reducing pain or re-injury while developing a healthy lifestyle. 

REJUV’s Registered Kinesiologists will work with individuals with underlying health conditions and create an exercise program for their different conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, low back pain, and so forth. They work with each person toward their goals of weight loss, strength, pain, mobility, endurance or all of the above! 

Our kinesiologist will act as both a personal trainer and physical therapist with knowledge of healthy lifestyle behaviour change and chronic disease prevention and management. 

The REJUV Program in London, Ontario, is a kinesiology program focused on meeting individuals where they are at. After a thorough assessment, the kinesiologist will recommend programs to help you develop healthy lifestyle changes that create long-lasting changes in your health and wellness. We focus on helping you develop a safe and effective senior fitness programs while educating you on nutrition, mindfulness meditation and sleep/stress management. Our Registered Kinesiologists help people lose weight, decrease blood pressure, reduce pain and increase strength and endurance. You will learn how to exercise, modify your diet, manage your stress and live a more active and healthy lifestyle with our senior exercise programs in London. Change your life in with the REJUV fitness programs – Book your FREE consultation with our Kinesiologists at Advanced Medical Group TODAY! Contact us at (519) 873-1603 or rejuvlead@lo.advancedmedicalgroup.ca for more information.