Every day in Canada, 1000 more people reach retirement age. We’re living longer, but do we understand how to live better in our senior years? At AMG, we recognize that education is key to living a healthy life up to and beyond retirement, and aim to help Canadians of all ages understand the aging process better.

The Academy of Aging

The Academy of Aging is a non-profit society focused on teaching Canadians that chronic health conditions and non-genetic memory loss associated with aging can be dramatically reduced and even prevented with lifestyle changes.

Why our Academy is needed

Latest research shows that some chronic health conditions and age-related memory loss can be reduced – even prevented – with a few simple lifestyle changes.

Aging healthily is something we should all be able to manage, especially when lifestyle changes are initiated early. But not all of the factors affecting senior health are entirely under our control. For the first time in 2016, the national census showed that Canadian seniors were outnumbering children.

Inevitably as the number of seniors increases, so too does the pressure on our infrastructure, health-care system and community services. Better understanding of aging, and the ethical management of aging are both issues that continue to top the agendas of our government organisations and research institutions.

What the Academy does

The Academy of Aging offers practical and academic programs to prevent and mitigate chronic conditions through lifestyle changes. Central to our activities are:

  • Personal Wellness – Focusing on the preservation of independence and cognitive function through exercise, nutrition and education
  • Family wellness – Programs to help you and your family fit healthy nutrition and exercise into your busy schedules.
  • The Studies of Aging course – A Certificate Program for seniors, their carers and their families, including the ethical management of aging. (More details on this below)
  • Corporate involvement – The Academy of Aging is working to achieve the buy-in of corporations, Chamber of Commerce endorsement, and the news media to help “Champion the prevention of Chronic Health Diseases in Canada.”

A national movement for better senior living

We are not alone in our campaign for helping healthier, happier retired Canadians!

One of the groups working hard to give seniors a better future is the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). They are calling for more “age-friendly communities” to help seniors live safely, enjoy good health and stay involved.

In an age-friendly community, policies, services and structures related to our physical and social environment are designed to help seniors “age actively”. For example:

  • Sidewalks are well lit and kept in good shape.
  • Buildings have automatic door openers and elevators.
  • Seniors have various community activities available to them.

It’s no coincidence that our two Academy of Aging centres, at Fish Creek Park Calgary and London ON, are based at The Manor Village Life Centers, our exceptional senior living communities.

Education and investment in ethical aging

The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) is also passionate about ethical aging. Their paper, Dementia in Canada: Recommendations to Support Care for Canada’s Aging Population, makes a variety of strong suggestions to the federal government. Headlining their petition are:

  • More community-based health support with increased investment
  • More education opportunities for caregivers and nurses.

The Academy of Aging Certificate program

The Ethical Management of Aging and current trends in healthcare are pivotal to our curriculum. Our Studies of Aging Certificate Program aims to enhance knowledge of healthy aging including:

  • the anatomy, physiology and psychology of the normal aging process
  • the pathways to healthy living through socialization
  • the role of quality sleep
  • the importance of mobility, balance and exercise
  • genetics, biometrics, and new technology
  • senior diet and nutrition
  • and much more

This program is ideal for those interested in the aging process, either for themselves or a loved one. It also gives care providers and family members the knowledge and tools to better care for, and understand, the needs of seniors. It is particularly suitable for those interested in a career in the Senior Housing Industry.


The Academy of Aging is also proud to offer Rejuv+. We work closely with your family doctor from the outset. By understanding your biometrics, vitals and the general state of health we can tailor a program which is appropriate to your needs. The program consists of three 90-minute classes per week, including stretching, cardio-respiratory coaching and resistance training, diet assessment, de-stressing coaching and sleep enhancement therapy.

Watch your vitals improve as you progress through this 90-day health and wellness program!

Contact us for full details

If you are interested in learning more about the ethical management of aging, our Certificate program, or simply want more information on our Rejuv+ program, call us at 519 873 1700. Alternatively, visit us on the 2nd floor at 230 Victoria Street, London ON.

Patient Resources

We have gathered a collection of resources to help with the healthcare of our residents and patients.

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