The freezing temperatures might have abated down to a more manageable -5C this week, but that in itself brings new issues, such as ice and freezing water.

So, have a thought for your feet, which have been through it all – and at ground level! They have been wrapped in snow boots, swapped for trainers in the gym, laced up in ice hockey skates, or flexed in curling shoes. They will have been hot, cold, damp, sweaty and probably rubbed against most of the shoes a little at some point.

Show your feet some love this Valentine’s Day.

Start with a gentle inspection – look for:

  • areas of hard skin
  • calluses or dark spots
  • rough or red skin between your toes
  • yellowing or splitting toenails

Our resident footcare experts here at AMG, Foot Dynamics, can help with the diagnosis and treatment of common foot ailments such as bunions, corns, calluses and athlete’s foot.

These boots are made for walking

Also look at your boots and shoes for signs of wear or cracking. Look particularly for uneven wear on the soles – is one side more worn than the other? If so, you might also find that you are suffering from:

  • foot and ankle pain
  • knee pain
  • leg pain
  • hip and back pain

Check your gait

This might be caused by the way you walk, aka your gait. Many of us don’t even realise we don’t walk well until our legs or knees start to ache, or we start to suffer from bad heel pain, known as Plantar Fasciitis. The good news is most pain caused by bad gait can be reduced greatly by custom made orthotics. There are inserts that slip into your shoes and realign your feet to the correct position, so you stand and walk more effectively. It can increase mobility too, and restore confidence that you have a ’sure footing’ in winter weather.

The Foot Dynamics team includes Canadian Certifed Pedorthists trained in the assessment, design, manufacture, and ft of custom orthoses. All orthotics are custom-made to fit your feet, and made in their own lab, for a perfect fit without a long wait.

Diabetic foot care and compression stockings

Diabetics and seniors need to take extra care with their feet, and the Foot Dynamics team also includes a Registered Practical Nurse with over 30 years experience in basic and advanced foot care. If you require compression stockings, it’s important that these are prescribed, measured and first fitted by a professional. The Foot Dynamics team work alongside your other medical professionals here at AMG London to ensure you get the very best foot care without having to walk miles between practitioners!

Clean and dry: your foot care mantra

In winter, it can be difficult to keep feet dry sometimes. Shoes can get wet from snow or slush from the outside, and damp from sweat on the inside. Both will produce ideal conditions for mail infections and skin conditions. So, if your feet get wet, wash them in warm (not hot) water, dry them carefully, and put on a fresh pair of dry socks or hosiery.

If you don’t have time or facilities to wash your feet, always take off wet socks as soon as possible. Don’t let them dry off on your feet! Gently dry your feet with a small towel after removing your wet socks, then pop on a clean, fresh, dry pair of socks. Give your footwear time to dry out too.

Moisturize your feet

Now this might sound like a contradiction, but the skin on your feet can really dry out over winter, thanks to our heated homes, heaters in cars and transport, and that lovely open fire! So, moisturize your feet to keep them soft and smooth all winter long. You might even like to treat you feet to a essential oils massage for your back and feet at our ReJuv Spa!

Need new footwear for work, sports, or leisure?

Check out the range of stylish footwear at Foot Dynamics, all designed for maximum comfort for you during work, sports and leisure. Find your perfect fit!

For more information on all foot care services at AMG London:

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We have gathered a collection of resources to help with the healthcare of our residents and patients.

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