AMG: Traditional and lifestyle medicine in alliance

Stethescope and apple - lifestyle medicine

The Advanced Medical Group clinic in London is more than just a medical centre. It’s an integrated hub of healthcare excellence where you can access help and advice from healthcare professionals, enabling you to take control of your own wellbeing and make informed lifestyle changes. What is lifestyle medicine? Lifestyle medicine is an approach to […]

Winter foot care: show your feet some love

Feet for foot care

The freezing temperatures might have abated down to a more manageable -5C this week, but that in itself brings new issues, such as ice and freezing water. So, have a thought for your feet, which have been through it all – and at ground level! They have been wrapped in snow boots, swapped for trainers […]

AMG Health articles roundup 2018

stethescope and heart - healthy articles

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, vowing to exercise more, lose weight or just “get healthier” are often top of the list. At AMG, we believe that coaching healthy-lifestyles is as important to wellness as traditional medicine. Throughout 2018, this News page has brought you the latest in health news and advice. So, to […]

Autumn Vacation Healthcare

Fall by river

Summer might be officially over, but the vacation season is still in full swing. The changing colours of the Autumn landscape only make Canada’s best-loved vacation destinations even more appealing. The latest reports by Accuweather suggest the warm weather will be lingering a little while longer yet. So, whether you’re planning a mini-break or an […]

Back to school fever: AMG has the cure!

Child with doctor

You’ve been dashing about for the last 2 weeks and you’re still not on top of everything. The symptoms say it all – you’ve a dose of ‘back to school’ fever! As the new school year starts on 4th September, it’s time to get the kids organized, from new shoes to transport to school. Whilst […]

Tips for Staying Healthy Over the Holidays


Christmas is fast approaching, don’t miss out on the chance to their Gift Certificates! Avoid mall-craziness and give the gift of health with a NutriProCan services gift certificate. Learn more about the packages available here: Our gift certificates range from single visits to discounted packages, including Nutrigenomix Testing. Looking for a custom package? Contact […]

Feel Good this Friday!


Welcome back for another Health & Fitness Friday post from AMG! Today’s post relates to our passion for Patient Centered Care and the collaboration of our partners to deliver the highest standard of care. As you may know, REXALL Pharmacy is located on the first floor of Advanced Medical Group. Qualified staff, including pharmacist Valerie […]

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain


Today’s Health and Fitness Friday post has been provided by the knowledgeable Dietitians of NutriProCan, Lisa and Nav, to help keep your health in mind and avoid weight gain during this holiday season! Thanksgiving, sukkot, Christmas, New Years… It seems that with the changing of the season, so does our social schedule. Family get-togethers and […]

Treat Your Hair Right!

NOW OPEN! We’re proud to announce that Crown & Glory Salon is open for profession hair styling by Joan Faubert. Joan brings a wealth of experience and talent to her clients, earning her accreditation in the UK, Germany, and the US. Joan furthers her education by attending as many hair classes and shows as possible, […]

Benefits of Healthy Natural Fats

Happy Health & Fitness Friday everyone! Welcome back for some more health and fitness tips this Friday. We hope you enjoyed our advice last Friday regarding healthy patio seasons, you can review that post below if you missed it! Don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page for any updates happening within Advanced Medical Group […]