The Advanced Medical Group clinic in London is more than just a medical centre. It’s an integrated hub of healthcare excellence where you can access help and advice from healthcare professionals, enabling you to take control of your own wellbeing and make informed lifestyle changes.

What is lifestyle medicine?

Lifestyle medicine is an approach to taking control of your own health by making changes to the way you live day to day. As The Canadian Academy of Lifestyle Medicine (CALM) says ( , lifestyle medicine is a matter of:

“Taking a look at the whole range of factors that affect your health, and working out what changes to make … Lifestyle medicine enables individuals to be part of their own health care and to play an active role in managing and even reversing chronic illness and disease.”

Lifestyle medicine can be integrated into the approached used by traditional medicine and health care practitioners including; chiropractors, physiotherapists, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, wellness coaches, acupuncturists, etc.

The best of both

At AMG, we take a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing. So, you’ll find traditional medicine specialists working alongside healthcare professionals to help people like you lead happier, healthier lives.

AMG helps this happen more easily and naturally by giving everyone space in the same building. So, if your physician refers you to a healthcare professional such as a podiatrist or nutritionist to complement or continue a course of treatment, chances are they are just down the corridor, not halfway across town!

Healthier lifestyle, healthier choices

Our lifestyle choices have a major influence on our overall health, and this applies as much to those who are healthy and wish to stay healthy as those living with chronic conditions. The AMG Rejuv:Cardio health program is designed to help people who have chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, COPD and cardiac issues, to take control of their own health.

This fully-coached program is structured around the Four Pillars of Rejuvenation:

Our 90-day program helps participants be healthier and keep their brains sharp. It can also help decrease the risk of:

How to be part of the AMG approach

People come to AMG in London for a whole range of reasons:

Visit us at 230 Victoria Street

If you would like to come and just look around, you’ve very welcome. Or call us at 519.873.1700 for more information on any of our services or healthcare professionals.

AMG – we’re much more than just a medical centre.

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