• Trying to lose weight, but your relationship with food is holding you back?
  • Want to improve your diet but not sure how?

Start your journey to healthy eating and wellness with the NutriProCan team at AMG.

NutriProCan services

At AMG, we are dedicated to improving health by offering a variety of services that are both lifestyle-based and client-centered. The Nutrition Professionals of Canada (NutriProCan) team at AMG is a dynamic and positive group of Registered Dietitians, providing advanced and evidence-based nutrition services to individuals and organizations.

The NutriProCan team knows that 70% or more of weight loss results are achieved through nutrition. As a result, NutriProCan are proud to offer tailored weight loss programs with expert support. They also provide advice in the more complex areas of:

  • Nutrigenomix(R) genetic-based nutrition
  • Sports nutrition
  • Digestive disorders
  • Food intolerance and allergies
  • Diabetes management

Why is diet so important?

Eating a healthy diet is not just about “looking good”. A healthy diet is crucial for helping prevent and manage many chronic conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol and cancer.

Diet and health: the stats

Why do I need a professional dietitian?

A dietitian provides evidence-based nutritional information and uses it to create a personalized diet program to improve your health and lifestyle. As Registered Dietitians and co-owners of NutriProCan, Nav Sharma and Lisa Cianfrini offer a unique combination of behavioural coaching and food-science expertise:

Blinded by science?

Not at AMG. Our dietitians explain the benefits of good nutrition and the latest research findings in simple, practical terms that can be applied to your everyday life.

Emotional appetite

Transform an emotional relationship with food into one that is positive and healthy. Our dietitians will help you identify triggers that may prevent you from maintaining a healthy diet, and help you to overcome them.

Knowledge is power

With the help of a flexible meal plan and the knowledge you gain from the NutriProCan team, you can maintain a nutritious diet with ongoing support if you need it.

Reality bites

We know that eating out and fast-paced work lives can be significant blockers to achieving optimal nutrition. That’s why NutriProCan takes a real-life approach to nutrition, tailoring recommendations to specific needs and ensuring your goals are realistic. This might mean creating a whole food, home-prepared nutrition plan, or simply offering advice on choosing healthy foods while at work or eating out.

Will my health insurance cover it?

Many Canadian workers have employee health insurance which covers the cost of dietitian services. If your health benefits cover doesn’t extend that far, speak to your employer, union rep, or HR department. According to Dietitians of Canada, lifestyle interventions from dietitians can reduce health-related lost productivity in the workplace by 64%. Furthermore, they can decrease disability days by 87%. So it certainly pays employers to offer the services of a Registered Dietitian in their employee health benefits plans!

If you are looking for help to achieve your dietary goals, call NutriProCan at 519.873.1700 and book your complimentary 20-minute consultation.

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