nutri pro can logoToday’s Health and Fitness Friday post has been provided by the knowledgeable Dietitians of NutriProCan, Lisa and Nav, to help keep your health in mind and avoid weight gain during this holiday season!

Thanksgiving, sukkot, Christmas, New Years… It seems that with the changing of the season, so does our social schedule.

Family get-togethers and work parties seem to give people an excuse to eat and drink more than usual.

Studies report that the average weight gain is anywhere from 1-5 lbs per holiday, but what is most alarming is that we do no lose this weight year-to-year, leading to an increasing waist-line each year.

Additionally, those who are already overweight tend to gain even more weight throughout the holiday season.

So, how do you enjoy the holidays without gaining weight? Make healthier choices! Here are some easy swaps that you can practice to keep your waist-line in check.

holiday weight chart

Looking for more healthy holiday ideas and recipes? Would you like to learn how you can actually lose weight throughout the holidays? Contact AMG’s in-house NutriProCan Dietitians at info@nutriprocan.ca

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