We all want to be happy, but have you ever considered what exactly makes us happy? One of the leading authorities on happiness is Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, who defines the four levels of happiness, and how they are achieved. 

Level 1 – happiness from material objects and their associated pleasures

As you might imagine, this is the level of happiness that money can buy, from driving your new sports car with the top down to savouring the flavour of fine food and wine. It’s enjoyable but not sustainable, and most importantly, it is centred on the self.

Level 2 – personal achievements

This is the happiness you feel at a job well done, and the recognition that earns you from peers and respected authority figures. Again, the happiness is short-term but gratifying none the less. High self-esteem is the upside of this level of happiness, whilst the downside includes fear of future failure.

Level 3 – doing good for others and making the world a better place

This is an enduring level of happiness, as it feeds our innate human desire for unity. Doing good for others unites us in a common purpose, and ensures we look for the best in others too. At level 3, life becomes an adventure again, not just a series of hurdles or problems. 

Level 4 – ultimate happiness

This is where we seek absolute perfection and a sense of connection to the whole universe. This may be expressed through spirituality or faith, philosophy or even scientific study into the nature of life. 

What level of happiness are you on?

Most of us probably swing between levels 2 and 3, balancing the need for self-advancement and affirmation with the desire to do something not just for ourselves. Lifestyle medicine works at both these happiness levels, as it embraces the interconnected nature of our everyday lives and our health. For example, we may be overweight, and that may be due to factors affecting our happiness rather than just a lack of physical exercise, from self image issues to comfort eating. 

AMG London: we help you to help yourself

Here at Advanced Medical Group London, our team of healthcare professional can help you achieve your health and wellness goal.s Our ‘joined up’ approach ensures that we look at your lifestyle as well as your symptoms, and can refer you to specialists within our clinic, from dieticians to dermatologists, audiologists to physiotherapists. Each practitioner can help you address an area of your health that you are concerned about, and by working together, they can provide an holistic approach that centres on ongoing wellness, not just illness. 

Little ways to better happiness

At AMG London, we like to make people happy too! So, our London ON clinic provides a whole range of services and facilities designed to make you feel better anytime – and fulfil those important happiness levels too! 

  • ​Enjoy a pampering treatment at the ReJuv Spa (level 2)
  • Or buy a gift voucher for someone you love to enjoy a treatment (level 3
  • Savour a freshly-prepared healthy lunch at our Apple a Day bistro (level 2)
  • Or treat a friend and catch up with the latest gossip! (levels 2 and 3)
  • Get a new look hairstyle at Crown and Glory, our hair and nail salon (level 2)
  • Or buy a gift certificate for family or friends so they can look gorgeous too (level 3
  • Learn something new at one of our regular lectures in our Education Theatre (level 3 and maybe a touch of 4!)
  • Let your kids be creative in the safe environment of the Tiny Treasures Play and Learn Centre (levels 2 and 3)
  • Visit a senior relative living life to the fullest at The Manor Village London, on the 3rd and 4th floors of our clinic (literally level 3 and 4!) 

Why not call in and see our state of the art medical clinic in London ON for yourself? You’re welcome anytime. 

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