JOIN US!  For an evening of Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation with special guest instructor Olivia Marquis!

Wednesday August 16th at 5:30 – $5

At the Advanced Fitness Centre – weather permitting the class will be held outdoors!

230 Victoria Street, London, Ontario N6A 2C2

Don’t miss out! Olivia is joining us from England as a special guest instructor Wise words from guest instructor Olivia on yoga, mindfulness & meditation;

“After 8 years travelling the world as a Dancer, Yoga Instructor and Meditation Coach, I have grown to realize where our focus is amiss for our ideas of a “successful” life. It is not to run ourselves ragged to achieve status in our careers, or society, and leave our minds on the wayside without a second thought for our own personal wellbeing. It’s about acknowledging our own inner needs and identifying with them on a daily basis. Even if we take just 10 minutes each day to stop, be present in the moment and get to know our true voice, removing the busyness from our minds for those minutes and focus on listening to our own inner voice. 

Each of my focuses are towards empowering each of us to take control of our own lives and discover the true beauty of life itself, to create an inner journey towards peace and contentment each and every day.

With Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation, we can make a difference to our daily life by incorporating more awareness into our natural daily routine.”

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