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Snow, work, kids, parents, tiredness – there are lots of reasons why you didn’t probably exercise last week. 70% of Canadians who join a gym take out their first gym membership in January. However, by late March, many will have stopped attending regularly after a rush of initial enthusiasm.

A cure for Gym-timidation

Many of those who join but don’t return may be suffering from “Gym-timidation”, as they perceive other members to be fitter, leaner and keener that they feel. Others may not find enough to retain their interest, with limited cardio equipment, or no access to personal trainers.

A different approach

At the Advanced Fitness Centre here at AMG London, our team take a different approach.

Yes, our Centre has a range of state-of-the-art fitness equipment, including free weights, treadmills and stationary bikes. Yes, it also has classes from active spin to posture improving Pilates and instructor-led yoga. Yet it’s our approach that is so refreshingly different.

Our Fitness centre team take an holistic viewpoint, to help you become more active and make real changes to your health and lifestyle. This includes looking at your eating habits and current nutrition, overall health and existing health issues, and creating a customized workout and setting goals specifically designed just for you.

Habits and fitness goals

Habit forming techniques and goal setting are just as important as the physical exercise, as these enable you to strive to achieve more and keep your motivation high. Without these, it’s much harder to succeed. So, our team work with you to devise a comprehensive health plan that works for you and your family.

More than just a gym

The problem with many gyms is that they are just that – gyms. Joining the Fitness Center at AMG London offers so much more, because of the lifestyle medicine approach our London medical centre takes. Exercise and an active lifestyle can be a remedy for many chronic conditions, so our resident physicians and health professionals based here at AMG London may suggest to their patients to be more active and take on a different approach to their health.

The Rejuv+ program

That’s why our Fitness centre is one of the main resources for our 90 day Rejuv+ Cardio Health and Pain Therapy program, helping patients decrease their risk of heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, and dementia. The Rejuv program is based on four pillars:

By offering all of these ourselves here at AMG London, our program empowering patients with the knowledge and techniques to improve their own health. There are also extra options such as physiotherapy, pre-surgical classes, and even free cookery classes,

Meanwhile, back at the gym

As a member of the Advanced Fitness Centre, you have access to much more than just a room fill of cardio equipment.

Join now and save

With the new AMG Value Card, you can save money too on your favourite services, and yes,that includes Fitness Center membership! Purchase one monthly membership for yourself, and you’ll receive a second monthly membership for your partner with a massive 50% discount. You’ll also be able to save 15% on the Rejuv: Cardio program, and enjoy other special offers from our audio, dental, surgical and Spa clinics.

Interested? Why not drop in and see us at 230 Victoria Street and see all this (and more) for yourself, or call us for further information at 519.873.1700.

AMG London: more than just a medical centre.

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