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Wellness is a term that’s almost everywhere – in magazine articles, in advertising, and here on the AMG London website, of course. But what does wellness actually mean?

“Wellness” is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.”

This is an excellent definition because it encompasses two crucial parts:

and that

Wellness and holistic health

If wellness is about your complete state of health, what does that include? In an interesting article for Alive magazine, Amy Green suggests there are actually seven ‘dimensions’ to overall wellness.

Physical wellness

This is the part of wellness we’re most familiar with, which includes eating a healthy diet, regular exercise, and getting enough rest and sleep.

Emotional wellness

Being emotionally balanced ensures we have a positive and realistic viewpoint on our lives. However, given that 27% of Canadians workers say they experience high to extreme levels of stress every day, achieving that balance can be very tricky. Stress increases our risk of depression, chronic conditions such as heart disease, sleep issues and digestive problems.

Spiritual wellness

Dr. Badri Rickhi, clinical professor of medicine at the University of Calgary, suggests that: “Spirituality is the life we live inside ourselves, versus the life we live outside ourselves through work and play and family.” Rickhi suggests that spiritual wellness is achieved by “Learning how to be more forgiving, grateful, and compassionate, to be kinder and less judgmental.” The result is a state of calmness, empathy and higher self-worth and self-esteem.

Intellectual wellness

Learning is a never-ending process, and it seems the longer we keep learn, the more it reduces our risk of cognitive decline in our senior years. Learning new skills, exploring new places, and attending sports and cultural events can all help keep us feeling stimulated, engage and, overall, in good health.

Environmental wellness

On one level, this is about restoring your energies and mental health by spending relaxing time outdoors, and allowing the slower pace and tranquillity of nature to revitalise and energise. On another, it’s also about living in a healthy environment that is not detrimental to your health, be it a 24/7/365 noisy and light-polluted city, or working in a ‘toxic’ office with poor lighting and ventilation.

Occupational wellness

How fulfilled do you feel by the work you do? And how fulfilled do you feel by things you don’t get paid to do, such as parenting, volunteering or your hobbies? Your occupational wellness doesn’t just depend on your work/life balance in terms of time, but in terms of enjoyment and satisfaction too.

Social wellness

How’s your social life. Being social is a natural state for human beings, and a whole body of research has shown that people who have ‘meaningful’ social relationships live longer, happier, healthier lives.

How AMG London ticks all the boxes

On reading about these seven dimensions, we were delighted as to how the services and programs provided here at AMG London can help achieve all of them in some measure.

Physical wellness at AMG

Physical wellness is at the core of our Rejuv:cardio-health program. Participating in the Rejuv:cardio-health program can decrease your risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, cancer and depression. The Rejuv:cardio-health program includes:

Emotional wellness at AMG

Stress management is also a core element of the Rejuv:cardio-health program too. participants practice daily mindfulness and meditation to reduce their stress levels. By de-stressing morning and night, you can improve your confidence and self-esteem during the day, and improve your sleeping habits at night.

Spiritual wellness at AMG

At AMG London, we encourage our staff to be part of our local community, from fundraising activities to helping our senior residents at The Manor Village to enjoy outings, activities and events.

Intellectual wellness at AMG

We firmly believe that the more you learn about your health, the more you can understand your body and mind’s need for wellness. Our Mi-Vitals app provides online communications with your healthcare professionals and anytime access to your health biometrics, lab test results, and future appointments. We also host regular lectures and talks by medical trailblazers and healthcare innovators in our Education Theatre, which anyone is welcome to attend. We also participate in The Studies of Aging Certificate Program.

Environmental wellness at AMG

Our healthcare facility is set amongst the leafy streets of North London, just a short walk from Gibbons Park and the North Thames River. The AMG London building itself uses cleaner and healthier geothermal energy for heating and cooling.

Occupational wellness at AMG

We can’t change your job (sorry!), but we can help you enjoy your time outside of work more! We hold regular dance and martial arts classes if you want a new hobby, and our Fitness Centre is a welcoming place for those whose hobby is, well, getting fit! Be pampered in the Rejuv Spa or have a new hairstyle on our salon to boost your self-confidence.

Social wellness at AMG

AMG London is so much more than just a medical center. You can meet friends for lunch at the Apple a Day bistro or join our free Saturday morning cookery classes. Why not enrol in a dance class, or meet like-minded people at one of our education events. Your kids can even invite their friends to their special birthday party at the Tiny Treasures Play and Learn Centre. Or bring the whole family to a special celebration lunch with relatives living at The Manor Village London.

For more information about our many ways to wellness, 


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