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Heart disease may be the second major cause of death in Canada, but there is good news. Since 2001, the number of deaths amongst those with known heart conditions has decreased by 23%. Early detection and management of medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol are significantly reducing the risk of heart disease developing.

Prevention is better than cure

Nine in ten Canadians lead a lifestyle that exposes them to at least one key risk of cardiovascular disease. Almost 80% of premature heart disease is preventable through healthier lifestyle choices.

AMG counters cardiorespiratory conditions

At AMG London, we are committed to helping our patients improve their health and wellness. We aim to provide every patient with a better knowledge and understanding of the key health risks – and how to reduce them through lifestyle choices.

Rejuv Cardio Health is our own bespoke program for improved cardio health and wellness. Using the Four Pillars of Prevention, the AMG Rejuv Cardio Health program can help you start to reverse cardiovascular disease and reduce your risk of other cardio-respiratory diseases.

The Four Pillars of Prevention

Improved wellness guaranteed

If you are suffering from, or at risk of, a cardio-respiratory disease, your family doctor can refer you to Rejuv Cardio Health. Here are just a few of the program’s benefits:

Take your first steps to heart health

As the summer approaches, it’s the perfect time to get out into the great outdoors and get moving!

According to one recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, even a short 20-minute walk each day can result in significant health benefits. A simple walking plan can help reduce LDL cholesterol (the bad kind, associated with heart disease) and increase HDL cholesterol (good for heart health).

If you’re thinking of taking up walking, it’s not too late to join the Walk of Life, organized by the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada. You can help raise funds for a worthy cause and so it’s guaranteed to make you feel good! The walk sets off from the Ontario Science Centre and E.T Seton Park on Saturday, May 26.

Want to learn more?

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