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You’ve been dashing about for the last 2 weeks and you’re still not on top of everything. The symptoms say it all – you’ve a dose of ‘back to school’ fever!

As the new school year starts on 4th September, it’s time to get the kids organized, from new shoes to transport to school. Whilst their bikes and your family car are getting their annual health checks, make sure you leave enough time for your kids to checked over too.

Starting September strong

Getting the kids back for the new semester isn’t all about uniforms and sports kits. Making sure your kids are fit, healthy and ready for the new academic year is far more important. Healthier kids can lead to healthier academic results, so here are a few tips for keeping both your kids and their grades healthy:

The power of sleep

The latest guidelines from the Canadian government recommend 9-11 hours for children of 5-13 years and 8-10 hours for children aged 14-17. Electronic screens such as TV, smart phones, computers, and tablets emit light that can “wake up the brain” and make falling asleep more difficult. Make sure your kids turn their devices off at least an hour before bedtime.

Healthy eating

Talk to your kids about healthy eating. Introduce the subject by talking about the food they can take in to school. Try out some new fruits and vegetables, or look at recipes together. Buy some colourful or character-themed lunch boxes or cool bags to pack their food and drinks.

Healthier homework

Students of all ages should have a quiet, well-lit place to do their homework. Make sure its comfortable and ergonomically suitable by including a desk or table at a suitable height and a chair with proper support. Find a place where you can easily supervise younger children while they work, away from family and sibling activity – and the TV. Decide on the best time to do homework and set a routine.

Healthy feet

As every parent knows, children’s feet can grow incredibly fast! What’s more, sports shoes wear down quickly and don’t offer the same support and stability over time. So, they need to be replaced regularly even if your child is still the same size. A simple medical checkup with a podiatrist is always worthwhile. It can reveal whether any previous injuries need extra support and/or protection with things like ankle wraps and orthotics. Based at AMG, Foot Dynamics are a team of Canadian Certifed Pedorthists trained in the assessment, design, manufacture, and fit of custom orthoses.

Fall flu
Beat the flu before it catches you! Ontario’s Universal Influenza Immunization Program (UIIP), offers the influenza vaccine free of charge each year to anyone living, working or going to school in Ontario.

How AMG can help

We house a diverse range of health professionals all under one roof, so catching up with your kids’ health checks couldn’t be easier. You might even schedule all the appointments in one day, and enjoy a healthy snack at the Apple a Day bistro afterwards!

Here are just a few of the services at the Advanced Medical Group clinic at 230 Victoria Street:

We are conveniently located in the heart of historic London between St. Joseph’s Hospital and The University Hospital. If you are in the area why not drop in? Or call us at 519. 873.1700 and get those appointments scheduled once and for all!

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