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At AMG London, we are proud to offer same day surgery services in our fully accredited surgical centre, with a modern surgical suite, the most advanced technology and experienced Ontario Certified Surgeons.

What procedures can AMG offer?

Our Advanced Surgical Operatory provides patients with a wide range of high-quality ‘same day’ procedures across several surgical fields. These include:

1. Plastic surgery

Dr Robert S. Richards specializes in hand and wrist surgery, nerve surgery and tumor surgery. Dr Damir Matic focuses on pediatric craniofacial surgery, adult facial reconstruction and cleft lip and palate surgery. Aesthetic plastic surgery is also available under Dr Chris Doherty. This includes breast augmentation and lifts, abdominoplasty and body contouring. To contact Dr Doherty, please call 519 646 6274.

2. Ear, nose and throat surgery

Dr Brian Rotenberg is a consultant for various industry partners working on innovative surgical devices for treatment of apnea and snoring. He also specializes in surgical treatments for sinus disease.

3. Vascular & endovascular surgery

The Advanced Medical Vein Clinic offers a wide range of treatment options under the meticulous supervision of Dr Adam Power. The clinic offers everything from conservative medical management through minimally invasive options to full operative management.

4. Eye surgery

Dr Robin Bruen is a comprehensive Ophthalmologist at the Advanced Vision Centre. He manages a wide variety of eye and eyelid disorders and focuses on refractive cataract surgery, and the treatment of retinal diseases. Dr David Dudok and Dr Toby Chan complete the team. They also specialize in the management of cataracts, glaucoma and other retinal diseases. All are expert in the latest diagnostic, medical, laser and surgical techniques.

5. Oral surgery

Matt McCallum and Dr Alisha Patel not only provide preventative and routine dentistry, but can offer implant restorations, fixed dentures, and other oral surgery.

What to expect from AMG’s Advanced Surgical Operatory

Patients can expect:

If you are looking for safe, quality surgery without the wait, call 519-873-1700 to be directed to one of our Health Care professionals today.

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