A happy, healthy Christmas from AMG

Christmas treats

OK, we admit it, the words ‘healthy’ and ‘Christmas’ may not be two words you’d normally expect to find in the same sentence. On Christmas Day alone, the average Canadian is likely to consume about 6,000 calories – about three times more than the daily average. If recent years are anything to go on, sales […]

Autumn Vacation Healthcare

Fall by river

Summer might be officially over, but the vacation season is still in full swing. The changing colours of the Autumn landscape only make Canada’s best-loved vacation destinations even more appealing. The latest reports by Accuweather suggest the warm weather will be lingering a little while longer yet. So, whether you’re planning a mini-break or an […]

Tips for Staying Healthy Over the Holidays


Christmas is fast approaching, don’t miss out on the chance to their Gift Certificates! Avoid mall-craziness and give the gift of health with a NutriProCan services gift certificate. Learn more about the packages available here: https://www.nutriprocan.ca/giftcards Our gift certificates range from single visits to discounted packages, including Nutrigenomix Testing. Looking for a custom package? Contact […]

Stay Active During the Holidays!

Happy Health and Fitness Friday everyone! This Friday, we’re challenging our community to get active! As the seasons change, it is important to remain active and healthy.Holiday season and cold weather can cause people to lessen their activity levels and choose unhealthy food alternatives. Staying active and maintaining good physical health is very important for […]

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain


Today’s Health and Fitness Friday post has been provided by the knowledgeable Dietitians of NutriProCan, Lisa and Nav, to help keep your health in mind and avoid weight gain during this holiday season! Thanksgiving, sukkot, Christmas, New Years… It seems that with the changing of the season, so does our social schedule. Family get-togethers and […]